Wednesday, June 30, 2010

475a: San Francisco State, Angela Davis, History of the African-American Woman, 1991

There are so many course notes I've lost. I've never been able to cite them, for this reason. I took course by Angela Davis, who was teaching at SF State around 1991. Ms. Davis is quite famous in her own regard. (Photo by HK, 2006, found on Wikipedia.)

Angela Davis was an American communist in the 1970s, activist on a number of issues. She'd been in trouble with American federal authorities in the 1970s, but was able to prove herself innocent with a team of attorneys. It's a detailed story, but a fascinating one in American history.

So, here she was teaching. I was (and am) not a leftist radical at all, but could not pass up opportunity to hear her views on American history, whatever my disagreements might have been.

The class went well for me, though. Some good history about Black women in the days of American slavery, other subjects. I wanted to learn something about women as they were under American slavery, the days of Jim Crow, and she was able to bring some light to that little-studied subject for us.

What was she like? I remember she relied on reputable scholars and documents, and spoke in moderate tones during lectures. So, I never really knew the radical Angela Davis of lore, of 1972. She was more mature by the early 1990s, spoke only briefly on her experiences of the 1970s.

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